Child Seats Mandatory


I admit it was only this year that we decided to buy V a car seat, before I stay with him at the back and both of us (most of the time) not buckled up. It was Friday Magazine’s article on the importance of wearing seat belt and car seat that finally opened our eyes.

On a recent cineMama Event we met Lesley Cully founder of Buckle Up In the Back she gave a little talk on how important it is to buckle up and WE AGREE!

here’s a link to GulfNews article on the new law

  • Gracie Aoa-de Gracia

    Thank God for this law (and for sharing this)!  I’ve always believed in using a car seat for children and wearing seat belts even when seated in the passenger side.  My son has never, ever taken a car ride (even in the Philippines) without a car seat no matter how quick the trip is.   

    • abigail

      We should really be responsible enough to make sure that all passengers are wearing seat belt. 

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