Mattress Sanitazing Treatment by The Healthy Home

Both kids suffer from some kind of dust allergy. We are especially concerned about Kuya V’s almost daily morning sneeze and recurring wheezing cough. I don’t want him to go under Singular medication again.

“Impurities and micro-organisms such as dust mites, bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses are easily brought into your home from your external environment through AC ducts/ventilation, shoes, bags, clothing and even your skin. “

To try and fight off his allergy we do the following – change bed/pillow sheets every week, vacuum and steam mattress 2x a week, wash pillows and sun-dry every month and lastly I insist on changing our pillows (we are a family of “sleeping droolers”) every year.

I received an email from Mr. Hisham Jaber, one of the founders of The Healthy Home ME (HHME) offering us a complimentary mattress sanitizing treatment. I am aware of the company and have read about Corrine’s review here, I even joined several online competitions sponsored by the company but sadly didn’t win.

I accepted the complimentary treatment and asked to be quoted the additional cost to have our sofa and LittleMiss’ crib mattress sanitized as well.

Sanitation day came, and here’s our experience and scary revelation of what was hiding under our sheets.

We welcomed HHME indoor sanitation team of three – Mr. Prasanna (team lead), Ronald and Alvin. They wheeled in two big trunks which revealed the sanitation equipment.

Kirby anindustrial-strength pulsating vacuum device that has 11 times suction power and equipped with a unique HEPA filter which contains impurities that has been extracted.

Treatment started by removing pillow and mattress covers then they put Kirby to work and after two sweeps it revealed scary results. A couple more vacuum sweeps was done on both sides of our queen and crib mattress, final suction revealed a much cleaner outcome.

Healthy Home Mattress Cleaning

“Common symptoms that are triggered by impurities and micro-organisms are headaches, fatigue, red or watery eyes, sneezing, coughing and itchiness (throat, skin, nose, eyes). These symptoms can further lead to diseases that can have severe effects on people such as Rhinitis (Hay Fever), Sinusitis, Asthma, Bronchitis and Conjunctivitis.”

Mattress treatment ended with the use of remUVe, the world’s only medical grade ultra-violet mattress sanitizing technology. The devices’ powerful UV light eliminates any remaining dust mites, bacteria, mold, virus and other pathogens, leaving the mattress completely sanitized and odor free.


Each of our pillows was meticulously vacuumed and steamed. Unlike the steam machine we have which always manage to get our pillows wet, what they have didn’t.

Healthy Home Pillow Treatment

HHME team proceeded to have our L-shaped sofa treated, the 10 seconds work Kirby did revealed a shocking and utterly disgusting result. Eeww!

Healthy Home Sofa Treatment

Our next sanitation treatment is scheduled on October and I’ve already booked it. I still have 6 months to save and it won’t hurt our pockets because it is worth every penny. We are after all talking about our health here.

Healthy Home Sanitation Team

Thank you Mr. Prasanna, Ronald and Alvin!

Schedule your mattress, upholstery, and carpet sanitation treatment now.

Contact The Healthy Home: call 800 SANITIZE (72648493) or email

Easter Brunch at JW Marriot Hotel

We celebrated Easter Sunday and our 7 yrs wedding anniversary at JW Marriot Hotel. Dad’s company was one of the few companies that was on holiday that day, we were fortunate to be able to hear mass and celebrate Easter with our closest friends.

Easter Sunday Brunch, JW Marriot Hotel Dubai

Most of the hotels here in Dubai had Easter brunch activity scheduled on a Saturday since Sunday is the start of work week here. We agreed to book an Easter brunch at The Market Place of JW Marriot Hotel. Brunch cost 300 Aed and we can use our Entertainer voucher of Buy 1 buffet and get 1 free, so that makes 150 each person, a good deal.

Three of it’s restaurants – Bamboo Lagoon, The Market Place and Hofbräuhaus participated in the Easter celebration, which means that for 300 aed you can cross over to all restaurants to enjoy the food they offer.


The Market Place offered a lot of seafood choices, I kept going back to get some oysters, shrimps, and mussels. Bamboo Lagoon specializes in Asian cuisine, noodle soup and duck rolls were yummy. Hofbräuhaus had a whole roasted baby pig that immediately caught the men’s attention, not all hotels/restaurants here have license to serve pork.

Chocolate Cake JW Marriot Hotel

We were really happy with how the staff took care of us, we didn’t have to call their attention to have our drinks refilled and for plates to be cleared up. JW Marriot staff who kept the kids entertained at Town Square anticipated what each little guests need, special thanks to the kind lady (forgot to get her name) who helped me take care of V when he had an ouchie tummy.

According to V, the balloon drop was the perfect end to our Easter celebration.

Easter Sunday Brunch, JW Marriot Hotel Dubai
Total Bill: 660 Aed (300 adult, 60 (6yrs & above), free for kids under 6yrs)
Diners: 4 Adults & 2 kids.
Saved 600 Aed with the use of Entertainer voucher.

Banana Raspberry Smoothie

We are definitely feeling Mr. Suns’ heat here in the sandpit. The weather is still nice enough to stay outdoors and enjoy some smoothie.

Stored some on our Sili Squeeze for Vs school lunchbox.

Banana Raspberry Smoothie Recipe:

1 ripe Banana
1 cup Raspberries (I had frozen ones from our fruit market stash)
1 1/2 cup Yoghurt
1/2 cup Milk
3 tbsp Honey
1 cup ice cubes (if you’re not using frozen berries)
1 tbsp Chia seeds

Blitz everything in your blender. Sprinkle some chia seeds and serve.

Embracing mess – letting go of extra stress

My daily goal (struggle) is to keep the house clean. It is important to me that when unexpected guests visit they are welcomed to a tidy house.  Somehow, an untidy home tells something about me.

I find myself getting irritated with every bit of mess I see.

Biscuit crumbs on the sofa. Socks hiding under couch. Origami shaped paper scattered in every corner of the house. Toy’s all over the floor and sometimes inside the refrigerator.

She likes to sit here while Mama is busy in the kitchen.

She likes to sit here while Mama is busy in the kitchen.

In the middle of spending time with my LittleOnes, I stand up and do a bit of picking up. I start cleaning and forget that I was playing with them.

Mess stress scene:

The kids were having an afternoon nap and I managed to clean the house – toys in the box, floor mopped, wet laundry hanged, cupboards dusted off – I also managed to enjoy a cup of coffee that hour.

LittleOnes woke up happy and energized.

I was busy tidying up bed from nap time, 5 minutes was spent in the bedroom.

I went out and the living room looked like a hurricane just passed by – pillow on the carpet with cars doing some sort of racing and Lego blocks scattered on the floor.

Kids art in our wall and floor.

Kids art in our wall and floor.

This made me really upset – all the cleaning gone.  The house was once again one big mess!

“What have you done?! Put pillows back on the couch and clean up.”

“We are still playing Mama”

“I said, clean up!”

Can we watch TV nalang Mama?”

“No, you play with your toys.”

But, you just told us to clean up.”

Last year, relatives from Australia stayed with us during their short Dubai vacation. I kept on apologizing that the house was untidy. Nay Lyn replied:

Oh darling, you don’t have to apologize. You have kids, they make mess. Time will come and they grow up and you’ll miss all the chaos they bring.”

V’s reply was a slap on my face. Yes, I did tell them to clean up which also meant that I scolded them for having fun.  There I was getting upset again because they were not playing.

My LittleOnes are ages 6 years and 1 year old. They should not worry about being neat all the time, instead both should just spend time being a kid.

They both loved this cardboard and slept with it during nap time.

They both loved this cardboard and slept with it during nap time.


We live in a 1 bedroom apartment so there is really just a little cleaning required.

My goal really should be to spend time with my children. Create happy memories with them.

Here are list of things I’m working on, for me to eventually let go and embrace the mess attached to raising happy kids.

1)      A space to play. Give your kids a place in the house where its acceptable for them to have this place messy. I’ve allotted a space for them in the living room where they can just let loose. I don’t see this space as untidy, because I have set my mind for it to be well messy. In reality, the kids still prefer to play and go crazy outside the play area.

2)      Breathe and step back. I put a lot of effort to take a minute to breathe when unexpected mess happens.

V was baking brownies and when it was time to crack an egg open he accidentally spilled it all over the floor. He looked terrified and waited for my reaction. I counted to 5 and stepped back. “Don’t worry baby, let’s clean up the floor and get a new egg.”  He thanked me for not getting upset.

This made me realize that V was scared to do anything because it will upset us. How will he learn if I don’t give him a chance to experience mistake.

3)      Pick-up play. Set your alarm for 20 minutes, pick up as much toys/litter as you all can and put them back in its proper place. The goal is to finish cleaning before 20 minutes is up. Schedule this anytime of the day (when the house get too untidy) or before bedtime. This way you don’t have to do all the cleaning and it’s a fun activity the whole family can do together.

4)      Clean up and move on. Every time you finish do a quick clean up before you move on to a new activity. Even when visiting a friend always encourage your kids to do a bit of tidying up that way you don’t leave the hostess with too much work to do. I’m pretty sure they would love to have you back again for some play date.

5)      Let’s get dirty. Forget the things above #5 and just get dirty! Be a kid again – throw popcorn at each other while watching Frozen. Snuggle up, read stories in bed and forget about the mess outside and sleep. It’s ok to wake up and step on a cereal and enjoy breakfast.

 Having kids is good excuse to be silly.

By letting go of all little work I see, I’m more relaxed. Accepting the fact that kids are messy and learn from it, gives me less stress.

To sit, have afternoon tea with my LittleOnes (plus some furry & plastic friends) and enjoy their company is my priority.

The bread crumbs under the dining table can wait. I’m having tea!